our fab story

We love what we do, so you should too!

Being a beautician, we are always up close and personal with our treatments, which is why we always ensure our treatments have the added personal touch to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Whether that's spending time with you to choose the best treatment for you, or just having a chat with someone you feel comfortable with, at Chloe&Co, we will always do our best for you - because you deserve it.

Any client of Chloe&Co automatically becomes a friend and member of the Chloe&Co family, so you will always feel comfortable while undergoing our treatments - we are beauticians who love to enhance your natural beauty, but also a friend to rant and rave to while undergoing your treatment.


Not sure which beauty treatment would be best for you? We're always happy to have a chat, so whether you're not sure on which lash style or eyebrow tint colour will match your eyes or shape, we will always take the time to talk you through it and get the best treatment to ensure the best results from your treatment and experience.